Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I've read several posts by well-meaning Christians lately saying things along the lines of "God will never be disappointed in you" or "Churches that tell you you're wrong are not of God". May I be blunt? That is insane! The entire of the gospel is there to tell us that in our sin we are in rebellion against God... if that isn't disappointing to him then he doesn't really love us after all. The truth is God loves us all, followers and non-followers alike... And nothing can stop that love... but the idea that somehow because of that he will never be dissatisfied with us or express disappointment in our choices is an error in logic. My children are my life... I love them with every fiber of my being... but ask me if they've ever done anything to disappoint me... Being disappointed is not a lack of love... its actually a sign of love. I wouldn't be disappointed in anybody I didn't care anything about. The second part, "Churches that tell you you're wrong are not of God", is born out of a misunderstanding of the love of God. I hate the methods of many of my fundamentalist brothers who want to start the conversation around sin and drive them to Jesus... while I would prefer to introduce them to Jesus and allow him to drive them toward holiness. But there is truth to their conversation that says love is telling the truth... and for a church to not confront sin is not loving. Jesus says that if we love him we will do his commands... any expression of love and devotion to Jesus devoid of an instinct towards holiness (yes, the 'don't sin' variety of holiness) is shallow and deceived. Phil 2:13 (NIV) for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

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