Sunday, May 9, 2010

Commit Yourself

I've observed a number of leaders in recent months who have voiced puzzlement over the lack of commitment the are seeing among their followers. While I do see that as a challenge the bigger issue in these I've watched are their own lack of commitment to their work... an apparent unwillingness to give all... to sell out to the call. There is one universal truth... and it applies to ministry, business, and most other environments... if a vision is not worth the leader's heart and soul it most certainly won't inspire anyone else's sacrifice. Call people to pursue something grand and then demonstrate your own belief in that call by pouring yourself into it. It will forever be difficult to convince people to do something that you yourself would never do.

Leading With Passion

There is a distinct difference between leading with passion and being led by passion. A leader must use passion as a tool to influence... it can be a powerful motivator. But most leaders are led by passion, and I think that is a dangerous place to operate from. I have written before about passion as a false indicator of truth. It is based on emotion and will mislead us time and time again. We MUST lead with passion even when we don't feel passionate... because if we wait until we FEEL passion we may never actually lead.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fragrance of Life

quote found on The Journeyman's Files

"...the very fact that you want to know God's presence means you're already sensing something. Think about it. How many people never give God a second thought? How many people sleep in on Sunday morning, and never open up a Bible or send up a prayer? But you're not like that; you really want to be closer to the Lord. My hunch is that you are already sensing something of God's presence, or you wouldn't care.

Here's a homely analogy: picture yourself walking around a shopping mall, looking at people and the window displays. Suddenly, you get a whiff of cinnamon. You weren't even hungry, but now you really crave a cinnamon roll. This craving isn't something you made up. There you were, minding your own business, when some drifting molecules of sugar, butter, and spice collided with a susceptible patch inside your nose. You had a real encounter with cinnamon - not a mental delusion, not an emotional projection, but the real thing.

And what was the effect? You want more, now. And if you hunger to know the presence of God, it's because, I believe, you have already begun to scent its compelling delight."

(The Jesus Prayer by Frederica Matthewes-Green page xiv.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Economy of Faith

loved this thought from ConnectionPower article....
"It is critical in the midst of these economic times to understand an immutable Kingdom principle. God’s Kingdom is NOT dependent on the kingdoms of this world or any other earthly resources. This is not to say that you can practice poor stewardship and expect God to rescue you on demand. But it is important to understand that God’s provisioning of His Kingdom transcends every worldly-wise principle upon which the empires of mankind are entirely dependent. Money may make “the world” go round but it can actually be a huge distraction to authentic Kingdom building. Jesus said, “I will build My Church.” I am talking about the power of pure faith, which supersedes math. Do the math and try to figure out how two loaves and five fishes can feed 5,000."