Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Again!!!

Ok, I hereby make the following resolutions!

  1. I will blog more… I intend to write one blog entry per week minimum
  2. I will read one book per month minimum
  3. I will eat more cake
  4. I will sail my boat twice a month minimum
  5. I will play golf once a month minimum
  6. I will exercise until I get sore and then I'll quit
  7. I will lose my 1 millionth pound
  8. I will let Jesus love me more
  9. I will have my sermon completely ready to preach by Tuesday of each week
  10. I will personally invite 10 people per week to my church

I'm feeling pretty good about #3… and #5 and #8 will get a good run. The rest??? Ask in February…

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