Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Worthwhile Read

Two books I read in the last couple of weeks worth mentioning. The Shack by William Young has been a bestseller and has received acclaim as well as criticism... but I have to say it was one of the most significant books I've read in years. You can't build your entire belief system around it but it is very special in its ability to portray the heart of God and His love for us. I highly recommend.

The other is written by James Chuang of San Diego. The book is titled True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In. This is one of those books that may have impacted me simply because of the timing... I might not have looked at it twice 5 years ago... but right now it was very special. The author takes a very "Kingdom" approach to evangelism with a strong focus on social justice as a Kingdom principle. He also develops in the book an evangelism strategy and model that seems like it would be particularly effective with the social justice crowd... (which here in San Diego is a large part of who God is sending us). Again, a worthwhile read.

Both of these are easy reads... the kind you can knock out in a couple of nights... and both are books I will read again with a notepad in hand.