Thursday, June 26, 2008

Church Culture

Even inside our church movement it seems we are overly focused on new emergant/emerging theories and models. We work very hard to be current (or hip).

I must admit that I believe much of our hoopla over post-modernity and emerging philosophy is a fad. Every generation has experienced some level of rejection of its parents values and has fought for a revolution of sorts. And now its targeting the church. But the church is resilient... and does change, albeit slowly. The very natural flow of things is for the church to trail culture just a bit but it is turning with culture a generation at a time. The type of church I grew up in during the 60's and 70's no longer exists (much to my parents dismay). Simply because of the evolutionary nature of the church. Church is now run by leaders who grew up in a different culture with different worldviews and mindsets than my parents did... and the leaders that follow me will also bring with them their worldviews and values. And the church will change... and adapt.

My point is, don't try so hard to be post-modern... or to be cool. Just do what you do the way you do it... do what God told you to do... and nothing more... and nothing less. There is room in the culture for the way you were made...

Culture always has a front edge and a back edge and there are people at every point in between. And they all need Jesus. You do not have to force yourself into a poorly fitting mold to be relevant... just serve the people that are drawn to you and the culture of the church will take care of itself. GOD will present her...

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