Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Community in the Making

We have hit the ground running here in San Diego. The boxes are mostly unpacked and we are already seeing God move in natural and supernatural ways.

We have had two group gathering events at my home this month. Our first gathering had eleven people... a few of which had virtually no church background at all. We focused primarily on building relationships and shared a meal together. The following meeting added another person and was much more spiritual... there were a few minutes of teaching around our vision for serving people followed by a very sweet time of prayer.

One of our new friends told me following the second meeting that this was the closest thing to a family she had experienced and to count her "in".

Chris Self told the group about a couple that he had met that were going through a hard time and the group decided to put the 'serving' part of the church vision into action... so we will serve the couple next weekend by preparing them dinner. One of the neat things about this simple act of service is that a number of additional people have already heard about it and asked if they could help (including a professional 5 star chef). We are now hoping to see a significant impact beyond just the people being served.

Our plans are to add an additional midweek meeting this month and will continue to meet on Sunday evenings as a home group. We are aiming at public services by mid-September.

I want to say thank you to all of you who supported our move. Your send-off was encouraging to us all and very appreciated. And we are grateful to those of you who continue to contribute to this vision. Pray specifically over the next few weeks for favor as we look for a meeting facility.

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