Monday, May 22, 2006

Infinite Grace

I recently had a dream in which the Lord asked me to invision in my mind a line drawn to infinity. I immediately thought of the verse "far as the east is from the west" and began to imagine a wide band running from my left to my right as far as I could see. Then the Lord said to turn and view it as if the line ran in front of me toward the horizon... this was far more impressive because it gave the impression of such enormous distance running forward forever. As I was marvelling at this he said "You must remember that as much as you can see... as far as your mind can comprehend... that is just the beginning... there is far more there that you can't see than that which you do see." He continued, "That is how my grace is. As much as you think you understand my grace there is far more there that you don't see... my grace is infinite... my acceptance is total... and just like the line you think you see when you look forward into infinity... the part you don't see of my grace is much bigger than the part you do see."

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