Monday, April 24, 2006

Where are the Fireworks?

I have often stated that leaders don't go to church to receive... they go to give... to work and serve. That is a difficult concept for many people. Our consumer mentality has permeated the church so completely that most people attend with the expectation that they are supposed to get something. I am of the opinion that those who are mature should be serving those who have yet to receive anything.

This idea was echoed last week by a friend of mine through an analogy that I loved. He was commenting that he had been somewhat disillusioned by the fact that he often failed to see the spiritual fireworks that he experienced when he first became a christian and first started coming to church. For a long time he thought the church had really deteriorated... but he was still hearing the stories of God moving in people. It finally connected with him that the people coming in who were seeking were experiencing an overwhelming sense of God's presence... those people coming in at the same place spiritually that he was in when he first came were seeing the fireworks. He said, "I realized that I had matured to a different place now... and that my job was no longer to watch the fireworks but to light the fuses!"

I have nothing else to add to that... light some fuses


  1. Good post and point.

    So what happened to those good intentions to blog more frequently and regularly?

  2. isn't once a quarter regular?

  3. Excellent point. Well-said, Pastor :)