Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Man-Room!

This is one of those things I have been reluctant to write about for some time... not because its not important... on the contrary... its among the most important things going on right now... but because I don't know how to describe or explain it adequately. I am referring to "the Man-Room".

This is the best explanation I've come up with yet... this is an invitation to someone I sent out inviting them to participate.

What is the Manroom?
The manroom began as a small mentoring group but it quickly developed a life of its on and morphed into much more than that. It is a gathering of men (much too informal to be called a meeting) every 2nd and 4th Tuesday night at my house... out on the back porch... it has no real start time and no real finish time... most people start arriving around 7pm and hang out usually until after 11... there is usually something to munch on and always something to drink... it can be hilariously funny and turn deathly serious in just seconds... it is sometimes a touch crude (think jr. high humor) and always irreligious... I think of it as men being men... unapologetically... unashamedly... men! And in the midst of this atmosphere God shows up... always... powerfully. I can also say that not one person who has made the manroom part of their life is the same as when they started. There has been impressive individual spiritual growth.

It is not an open group and it is NOT something people can invite their friends to.... I am careful about who is invited for a few reasons... 1) I see the hand of God on you in a unique way that makes me think you will benefit from this, 2) Because of the irreligious nature of the group I control the invites for fear of offending those who are sensitive to that, and 3) I guard the mix of personalities in order to preserve the openness and interaction in the group.

The group is not for you if you can be offended easily... if you expect a bible study or formal mentoring... if you need to be in bed by 9pm (the good stuff rarely starts before 9)... or if you are afraid to urinate in the woods (this makes more sense once you get here)!

We decided to open up the invitations this year a little... it has potential to get a little crowded and since we meet on a screened porch (with some heat and windbreak) you will need to dress for the elements somewhat.

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