Monday, April 24, 2006

Help Desk

M. works for a rental car help counter. She gets to talk to those people who are already having a bad day. Last week M. received a typical customer call but as she spoke to the woman on the other end the woman broke down and began to tell M. about all the problems and issues going on in her life. M. then offered to pray for the woman. The woman agreed until she realized M. meant RIGHT NOW, ON THE PHONE! She couldn't believe it. She said, "Nobody has ever prayed for me before" She then asked her to wait a minute... she then put the phone on speakerphone in a busy school office and asked the office staff to come listen because "the car rental lady is going to pray for me."

M. began to pray and as she did the spirit of God came over that office and people began to sob. The presence of God filled that office. The lady has maintained contact with M. via email and M. is continuing to draw her to the Lord.

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