Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Recognizing the Move of God

We are in the midst of a full blown outpouring of the Spirit of God here in our church. It is beginning to rival the experiences I had in my early Vineyard days as we would go to Costa Rica and Colombia on short term mission trips. I always wondered why God seemed to move so much more dramatically down there and yet here in the home church we would typically see only sporatic demonstrations of power. Here lately, though, we are hearing powerful stories almost daily.

What is different however is that these events are usually done and seen in quiet corners and out in the streets where the members are ministering and therefore are not often very visible. Being one of the pastors allows me to hear the stories as they come in but if you weren't in my position you might not know anything unusual was going on. We talk it up from the pulpit and we hear the stories in the home groups but it still is amazing how often I still hear people say "nothing seems to ever be happening in this church".

I have often marvelled at how the Jews had an entire religious system built around a coming Messiah and yet when he came and went they missed it... and are still looking. And yet we are in danger of doing exactly that... The biggest hindrance to the next move of God is the last move of God... we keep expecting it to look like the last big thing... and it usually doesn't. Or, we have a vision of what the move of God WILL look like and then it comes and goes and we are still looking.

We have to keep our eyes and ears open and receive the move of God as it comes in whatever package it appears through. This move we are experiencing is nameless and faceless... it is not loud or demonstrative... but the power is amazing and the consistency is exciting.

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