Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Few Power Stories

M. had been having some rough nights... not sleeping well. The problem was that he was waking in the night with a strangling sensation and it would keep him up. He asked for prayer from some men and one of the men went home and told his wife of the issue. The wife, who is prophetically gifted and had never seen M.'s house, called M. that night and said, "There is a full length bookcase in your living room... look on the third shelf from the bottom on the far left... that is where your strangling is coming from. M., who has been walking with Christ for a couple of years now, went to the full length bookcase in his living room and as he approached the area that she had identified he felt his throat begin to close. He immediately saw a book from his college days that he had forgotten he owned... it was on vampires and werewolves. He destroyed the book and the strangling sensation ceased. He has not had any sleep problems since.

On a different occassion M. was ministering to a young woman in his home group when she began to manifest. M. took authority over the spirit and commanded it to leave her... suddenly six people in the room began to hack and heave... all responding to the command. M. quips that he's going to have to learn to aim better... you have to be more specific when addressing this stuff.

A man entered the church a couple of weeks ago as worship began. When he crossed into the sanctuary the spirit of God overpowered him and he fell out on the floor right in the doorway, blocking the entrance. When he got up he was delivered and accepted Christ. Another man accepted Christ in the foyer as he was going to the sanctuary... no invitations... no prompting... just spontaneous responses to the presence of God.

A local hospital called the church 4 or 5 weeks ago and asked us to do deliverance on one of their patients that wasn't responding to treatment. The family had requested the 'more radical option' and had signed a consent and waiver, so the hospital sent her out. The woman manifest in some dramatic ways but when it was over she walked out in her right mind. She has since suffered some setbacks but they have rescheduled to bring her back in so we can deal with round 2.

A minister in St Louis called and asked if they could bring someone to us for deliverance because they were having trouble finding anyone with experience up there. They are coming in a few days.

There are many more stories like these (I'm actually leaving out a couple of the most dramatic) just from the past couple of months... there is a clash of Kingdoms occurring and God is winning.

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