Thursday, March 23, 2006

Does Focus on Demonic Increase its Occurrence?

Somebody came up to me this week with a concern that in this current move of God it seems that we, in their words, spend an inordinate amount of time chasing demons and in their opinion should be focusing more on God's power than on Satan's. The premise is that by dealing with the demonic we give it attention and encourage it to manifest.

First off... I don't know anybody who 'encourages' the demonic... nobody I know particularly likes dealing with it. It logically holds that anywhere God is moving in power you should likely see a corresponding increase in demonic activity. All wars have battlefronts and the enemy rarely deploys where there is no advancement. Kingdoms clash and there are confrontations.

Jesus said to do deliverance... right there in Mark 16, next to the "go make disciples" command he adds, "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons" It is part of the Kingdom work we are called to do. When you look at the acts of Jesus it appears that fully one-third of this ministry was dealing with deliverance.

I think much of our reaction to the demonic comes from bad training which results in fear. Most of our problem is that we've been taught to be afraid.

I grew up going to charismatic and pentecostal churches and all I ever heard about demons and deliverance was that it was only to be attempted by the most holy of the super-christians, and then only if they were really "prayed-up" and in the spirit. This mentality eliminated the possibility of ministering deliverance from almost everybody.

And yet, here is Jesus saying that this will be something we do as we "go and make disciples". "Those who believe..." I think that means everyone who calls on Christ... those who believe on him for eternal life... those who believe his words are true, not just for salvation, but for life... and I don't really think you can believe him for salvation and not believe him for the rest of it.

So, do I really believe deliverance from demonization is something every Christian should be involved in.... YES!!!!! There is training to be done just like in most other areas of Christian life... but there is nothing in scripture that makes me think this is not supposed to be a normal christian's normal occupation... at least as normal as making disciples.

I dare say that if your church is not seeing any demonic activity it is likely not doing anything else that is gaining the attention of the enemy. The issue isn't whether or not the demons are acting out in order to get our attention... its whether or not we are doing anything that gets their attention.

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  1. I agree 100% with this. So nice to meet like-minded believers...