Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Power of Unity

What eliminated the "6th Row Wall" discussed in the previous blog? There have been some technical improvements to sound and such... and I believe the quality of the song selections has vastly improved... but those I don't believe are the real answer.

Around December of '04 there was a prophecy given in our church... it said "{there is} a transitioning taking place here. There is a move of God taking place. I saw that it was going to come through worship..."

I began to watch the worship... when there was a noticable move of the Spirit I would look to see if it was, indeed, coming through worship. As you might expect there was usually some correlation between an inspired worship time and the manifestations of God's presence and power but it never seemed to me that it had "...come through worship..." in the way I kept watching for. (now I know all of you are thinking, "he thinks way too much")

One day as I pondered this out loud with my worship team one of the members said, "It has already come through worship. Not through what happens on platform on Sunday morning but in what happens in the back rooms in preparation... the group has become a team... united in purpose, uncompetitive... and God's presence comes through unity"

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