Friday, December 23, 2005

End of Year Catchall

I know I haven't kept up the blog like I should. It's been a busy year... the heck of a year. I don't know how to capture it all in print and do it justice but I'll give some of the highlights.

If you glance back a few entries you see that I changed jobs and began working at the church in January. There have been a few changes since then and, with the departure of the previous Associate Pastor, I have moved into that role. This has also allowed Marie to step into the Administrative Pastor's position providing us the much-needed income boost that far offsets the pay reductions I took in January in order to facilitate ministry.

All in all Marie and I have never been more fulfilled in ministry than we are right now. We are seeing a great deal of impact and growth in the church and leaders around us and can attribute at least a small portion of that to our efforts... that's a great feeling. And the relationship we have with Bruce and Elaine, the Senior Pastors here, is wonderful. They are far more to us than boss, or co-workers... or even mentors... they are our closest friends and, often, surrogate parents.

We still see a great need with much more to do and I feel like we have the infrastructure of leaders beginning to take shape. The next year is going to be about mobilizing leaders to step out and have impact around them. I have some ideas for that which I will write more about soon.

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