Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Job, New Focus

Ok... ok already... I've been chastised for not writing in over 2 months. Its been busy but fun. I'll try to catch you up on all that's gone on.

I have been working for Saks... (yes, that Saks... as in 5th avenue) for 2 years. I have also been working some on the side doing contract work for a company. The company I was contracting with began to try and hire me over a year ago but they couldn't come up with an offer good enough to make me leave the comfort and security of Saks. In the meantime I had begun to take some Bible courses and school requirements were really swamping me. Towards the end of December I was talking with their people and mentioned my need for more time to do ministry and school. Two days later they called me with an offer that allowed me to work 20 hours a week and still earn enough to live on. Its a significant cut in pay but along with Marie's salary (she left school this semester and is working on staff at the church as Children's Pastor) still provides the opportunity to move back into ministry more aggressively. So, since January 1st I have been having a blast. I have setup an office at the church and have taken over responsibilities for worship and the home group system.

I will write more on some of the things happening in those ministry areas but I want to touch on something else, first.

I looked back over some of the things I have written in the past... most notably things regarding the role of an Associate Pastor... how to submit vision, etc. I realize some of what I have written regarding struggles over vision have no relevance to me today... being back in a full pastoral role is so fulfilling... that my vision and that of the Senior Pastor is truly the same. I don't feel any sense of struggle making visions mesh. We obviously don't see everything the same and don't react to everything alike... but we are one in spirit, in motivation and goal and it is a joy to be working with people like that again.

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