Friday, June 18, 2004

Doomed to Sin

I read an article by a friend of mine, a guy I work with, that I had to offer you.
Doomed to Sin

I couldn't agree more. I once asked a guy if he thought he could walk sin free... he said "of course not". So I asked him if he was sinning at this very second... he thought and answered "NO, I guess not". I asked him again, "What about this second now?" The answer was again "No!" So I said, if you chose not to sin for the last few seconds, what makes it impossible for you to choose not to sin for the NEXT few seconds? ANd if you can do that, what about the decisions you make from that point forward? We have convinced ourselves that willful sin is a unavoidable consequence of life... and I think that has diminished our desire to fight for righteousness... I mean, if its unavoidable, why try?

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