Friday, April 16, 2004

Program vs Vision

Just a thought...
I have been heavily involved in putting together the "40 Days of Purpose" Campaign at our church the last few weeks. As the opening services start this week I have noticed some things.

The anticipation and expectation are palpable. Its exciting to walk into the church and feel the 'buzz'... the air is supercharged and we have been experiencing some wonderful services as the campaign dates near. Why the newfound energy?

For whatever reason we have not experienced this kind of expectancy since I've been here. It has been 'business-as-usual' for the most part over the past 18 months or so. I have written before about the need for a clear, articulate vision to generate and maintain enthusiasm and purpose and that is something that has been difficult to clearly define here. Its not that there is no vision but it is not as clearly articulated as it could be... chances are very few people in the church could tell you what it is. I have, however, been involved in churches where the vision was very clear and articulate and those churches maintained a similar expectancy to what we are now experiencing.

This leads me to conclude something that is a revelation to me... a programmatic campaign can serve as a substitute for an articulate vision. In the absence of clear purpose a program can generate a similar enthusiasm. Since this is a new concept to me I cannot say whether or not it is sustainable... I fear it is not... but I am enjoying the current wave and feel a tremendous challenge and responsibility to not waste it but to harness it and lead it... particularly as the campaign concludes in early June.

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