Friday, March 5, 2004

Worship Leaders vs Music Leaders

I am concerned about the use of the term worship being synonymous with the term music. If someone says, "We have worship before the preacher preaches." what they obviously mean is that's when we sing songs. Try this axiom on... something I jotted down last week.

If you are unable to worship God effectively without music, then what you are experiencing with the music is not really the worship of God.

Our music and songs are counterproductive to true worship if the are allowed to become a replacement or substitute for worship. Music and singing effects us physiologically. Our emotions are influenced and our body, mind and spirit respond... that is not a negative thing... but it is not a substitute for the worship of God. I have often said that people worship the act of worship sometimes more than they worship their Creator... I mean, obviously, that they enjoy the stirring of their emotions by the "act of worship" and often mistake that for the presence of God moving in their spirit.

As a "worship leader" I easily get sidetracked and focus my attention on the songs... the music... the delivery... but if I truly were to go lead WORSHIP I might be inclined to get on stage with no instruments and simply kneel or bow as we offer ourselves to God.

I love music... and music that lifts up Jesus is my favorite. Often it help me to focus in on God's goodness, expressing what's in my heart better than I can myself. This gives my worship (my love for my Creator) wings, so to expression... in this case it becomes an instrument of worship. In no way do I perceive music as an enemy to true worship or anything like that, simply that we as Worship Leaders must strive to present a broader experience than a song to sing.

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