Monday, July 28, 2003

Questions to Ask Yourself as a Coach/Leader

With the twelve roles of a coach in mind (previous post)... answer the following questions

  1. When is the last time you viewed your congregation or group as a potential recruiting field? Getting someone to volunteer and drafting someone as a recruit are two different things.

  2. How often do you provide training to your team? If you do not have the expertise to train them yourself are you providing training in other ways?

  3. Are you inspiring to your team? Can you get them up for the 'big game'?

  4. Does your team know where it is heading? Do you have a stated vision with reachable goals? How many of your people could tell me these things if I surveyed them?

  5. Are your team members reaching their potential? Do they know what their potential is? Do You?

  6. Conviction can be measured by sacrifice. What are your people ready to give up? Their time? Job? Money?

  7. Do your people feel a part of a team? Do you? Are your leaders working together or do they work independently?

  8. How do you acknowledge achievement in the team? Do you reward success? Are you threatened by it?

  9. Do your leaders understand their contribution to the team? Do they see themselves as "just another piece of the pie" or do they see themselves as a cog in the machine that is important no matter what size?

  10. Does everyone have an opprotunity to contribute in your team? Are there any age groups or classes of people that may feel unimportant? When is the last time a single-mother felt she was more of a blessing to the team than a burden?

  11. When is the last time you critiqued a ministry in your team other than when you received an unpleasant phone call or letter? Is your church learning from mistakes? Are you making the same mistakes over and over again?

  12. Have you ever moved someone out of a position because they had become better equipped for another role? Have you moved someone out of a position when someone better came along? Are you afraid of making changes on your team?

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