Tuesday, July 15, 2003

On Leadership

If you have a dream without the passion it will make you a dreamer but you'll never realize the dream. There's something about carrying the burden or the passion that gives legitimacy to the dream. A dream without the burden will never be realized. The burden without the dream will make life a drudgery. - John Maxwell

A person doesn't own the dream until they feel the responsibility of it.

1 Own the vision yourself

2 Engage the soul of the people

3 Speak to their needs

What do you cry about, sing about, dream about, laugh about, think about, talk about

Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand

4 Paint pictures on the inside of others

We want people to buy our picture.... but...

Leaders finish painting the picture of their people's dreams

If you start painting your picture before their's is finished you will lose them

5 Provide application, not just information

6 Communicate the benefits of buying into the vision

People change when they...

  • Know enough that they're able to

  • Care enough that they want to

  • Hurt enough that they have to

7 Enlarge their world... show them a bigger dream

8 Model personal commitment

9 Allow time for acceptance

When you leave them you no longer lead them

10% pioneers

70% settlers

20% antagonists - won't like anything

10 Create an atmosphere to cast the vision

11 Employ a variety of people to cast the vision in a trickle-down process

One person cannot connect with everybody

12 Demonstrate passion

Who we are is who we attract

People listen to us when they see...

a) our personal sacrifice or suffering

b) our identification with their needs

c) our integrity and trustworthiness

d) our experience and credibility

e) our vulnerability and transparency

f) our wisdom and insight

g) our humility and meekness

h) our abilities and expertise

i) our courage and convictions

How must we handle vision?

See it clearly

Show it creatively

Say it constantly

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